RAPE: My Stand on RAPE

By Titilayo Temitope Ajoke Ekemode

The issue of rape is a heart Wrenching  and sometimes can cause Emotional and Psychological trauma if victims are not properly Educated or Medically attended too. During rape, the use of weapon and physical force is commonly used and the Threat of Death is sometimes applied on the victims when being rape.this would make the  victim to be left with no other choice but to succumb to the devilish and unjustifiable act of the rapist.

According to Statistic, Rape is a severely under-reported crime with surveys showing dark figures of up to 91.6% of rapes going unreported.[4][5]Prevalence of reasons for not reporting rape differ across countries. They may include fear of retaliation, uncertainty about whether a crime was committed or if the offender intended harm, not wanting others to know about the rape, not wanting the offender to get in trouble, fear of prosecution (e.g. due to laws against premarital sex), and doubt in local law enforcement.[6][7]United Nations statistical report compiled from government sources showed that more than 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The reported data covered 65 countries.

Who are the victims of rape?
The victims of rape are women and Mostly young girls,though there are records of male victims too which is under reported. In our society today especially in Nigeria, the house helps,The street hawkers,students,young teenagers,and victims of sex  trafficking are mostly  abused.
What could be the cause of rape?
Some people believe the cause of rape to be indecent dressing or physical endowment.. Some believe if girls reduces their rate of indecent dressing then rape cases would be curbed,but even at that some teenagers and women still fall victims of rape even after dressing decently.
What should victims of rape do?
Most cases victims of rape are always threatened, but that shouldn’t give them the reason to keep quiet or stay Mute about it.

* Victims of rape should not stay MUTE _speak up.

*The Topics of Rape and sexual Assaults should be an open conversation and i Believe Government have a bigger role to play

*Government should provide a SAFE house for victims because many Victims are trapped with there abusers.

* Victims of rape should not allow fear over to  come them: therefore, report it to  the nearest police station or human right activists or an NGOs(Non governmental organisations) .

*. Victims of rape should know that it is not their fault that they were raped, don’t feel neglected,rejected or discriminated, you can always be better, move on and focus to achieve those things you’ve always wanted to do

*There is still life after Rape…Don’t let the Memory define you,it’s what you do afterwards that matter.

*Speak to a specialist if needs be.

*. Victims of rape should be immediately taken to health center or hospital for medical check up

To Be Continue.


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