If Domestic Violence Is Not Curbed Or Reported?.
By Titilayo Ekemode
    The issue of domestic violence is like a trending noodles in the society, It is everywhere.
    Victims of domestic violence are mostly women, though men are also abused but it is nothing compared to that of the women. When victims of domestic violence do not speak out_they become less value to themselves and people around them, thereby having a greater risk of death and also vulnerable to other health issues like mental illness and so on.
     Domestic violence comes in diverse forms such as physical violence, sexual violence, emotional and financial violence. Violence may arise as a result of a tough or fierce argument either between spouses in a relationship or even among friends. It has been statistically proven that 31% of women in Nigeria are victims of domestic violence, and estimation of about 87,000 women were deliberately killed in 2007 globally as a result of domestic violence.
       Some men involve in domestic violence have been through a lot of trauma growing as a child even on the part of parent,most men witness their mothers being violently abused by their fathers, while some men involve in domestic violence due to stress, frustration, anger and depression.
But why do victims of sexual assaults or domestic violence refuse to report cases of violence even when they are brutally injured or battered by their spouses?____We have found ourselves in a society where people/victims are always stigmatized and shunned while trying to report.
   The authorities are not helping due to the high rate of corruption and lack of skilled personnel. Justice is being wiped off and thrown into the dust. But that shouldn’t discourage victims to keep MUTE, there are several ways to prevent domestic violence___before getting married or engaging in a relationship with your spouse it is essential you know the character of your spouse to avoid being a victim, And report all cases of domestic violence to an NGO/human right activists or to the police.
    But most importantly don’t keep MUTE
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