Break out

By Titilayo Ekemode

She’s a woman determined to make her children successful with the help of no one, she single handedly raised her three kids all by herself,they were all girls. Well, it wasn’t that she had no husband but the man who calls himself the father of her children failed in his duties as a father to bring up his girls maybe because they were all girls. He cared less for his family, all he ever did was to maltreat his wife and children, he drops no money for food, no school fees for the girls, the children were sent back home on several occasions from school because their parents are unable to pay school fees.
   This self centered father had an extra marital affairs and prefers to spend his money on girls or side chicks rather than catering for his children’s needs. This strong woman did all manners of job just to feed herself and children, she was a cleaner, an errand girl, a washerwoman and even a house help, she was lean and unhealthy because she feeds from hand to mouth, she begs for food from anyone who cares to help, she cried all day because she couldn’t bare the sight of seeing her children suffer.
   She lives in her husband’s family house located in Ikorodu, Lagos, with her children, and was always maltreated by her father in law too, because the old man doesn’t like her and her children, for the reason that they were all girls and he wanted a grand son, they  couldn’t touch anything in the house, everyone that knows her and watched her suffered advised her to leave her husband’s house with her girls so she could give them maximum attention because her husband and father in-law doesn’t want her to work and she didn’t want to leave her husband, despite the fact that she was turned into a punching bag by her husband or should we say she had nowhere to go because she was an orphan with no family or genuine friends.
   She stayed back and endured the severe battering, the hunger, the constant drinking of garri, the constant repetition of one cloth, she sacrificed her happiness so her children would have a roof on their heads and in other not to have a broken home. She couldn’t do full time job and even the little money she makes from her minor and petty job is being collected from her by her husband.
  But one day, on January 1st 2019, she broke out, she spoke up, she stood her ground unshakable, she was ready, she was tired of being a fool, she was tired of giving her money to a man to spend on women, she was tired of the severe beating and no food, no love, care, attention, and respect, she was tired of seeing her husband suffer. It was on a festive period, January 1st, 2019. When her husband asked her to pack all her belongings with that of the children and leave his house, that they brought back luck to him, she couldn’t take it, she packed her bags and that of her children and left promising never to return. Their pastor heard about the news and summoned the husband and wife, but the beast of a man who is an elder in the church told another story to favor himself and insisted she leaves the house with her children. That was how she left the home that brought nothing but sorrow, the home that was sour.
  She left her children with her friend to go in search of a job, few days later, she got a job as an assistant teacher in a primary school, rented a single room and brought back her children to stay with her. She’s working so hard to cater for the needs of her children with her new job and some other side jobs also with the help of some few neighbors and well wishers. Right now, she’s doing fine as well as her kids, she’s beginning to regain herself, she has found peace of mind and most importantly she’s happy and the children too.
  Women please walk away from the home that is not giving you joy, don’t risk your life for love, you can’t change him, once a beast he’ll continue being a beast, he’ll always beat you and apologize, be strong, you can do it.

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