Parental negligence and child’s molestation

By Titilayo Ekemode

 Parents of this generation are showing nonchalant attitude towards the growth and development of their children. They fail in their duties as parents to monitor their children’s day to day activities.
    Some parents have taken their job to be a top priority over the children’s well being and upbringing, they did not create a parent_ child relationship with their children which makes the children find it difficult to report things that bothers them or happens to them.  They are strict to their young one’s, they place fear in the heart of their children such that the child finds it difficult to share his/her thought or feelings with their parents.
There are some negligence on part of parents that requires questioning a parent ability to raise a child. It amazes me how some parents or guardians leave their children/wards in the care of neighbors or lesson teachers most especially the males, some children often get abused by these evil men and finds it hard to report to their parents for fear of what their parents might do to them, which leaves them with no other option than to keep succumbing to the demand of these wicked one’s until it becomes a pleasure to them and gradually they grow fond of the sexual practices and get addicted to it.
  Some children even gather the courage to tell their parents about the abuse they get from their neighbors or lesson teachers, but they tend not to take them serious, they don’t believe them and most times think the child is making up excuses in other no to attend lectures or stay with their neighbor, some would even say “he/she was just playing with you”, yes such parents exist.
  The trust some parents put in the hands of these people is even more than that of the child, they would even buy gifts as a token of appreciation to people who are gradually destroying the life of your son or daughter. Most children’s life has been destroyed due to parental negligence, the lives of these children has been put to stop, what about their dreams and hopes?, It’s been cutoff likewise.
   The minds and future of these children have been disabled due to carelessness, poor attention and lackadaisical attitude of some parents.  Working class Parents and guidance should create a balance between their jobs and children in other to monitor the child’s day to day activities, instead of prioritizing their job over their home.  In addition parents should also create a parent to child relationship to enable the child confide in them without fears or doubts. Parenting is not a part-time job.

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