Our Mission

CEAF: To end domestic violence and sexual assault while enforcing laws that will protect everyone irrespective of their gender in Nigeria


CEAF seeks to break the social barriers and stigma around domestic violence and sexual assault in Nigeria. We want to normalize the conversation around these issues, and increase resources available to attend to these matters.

CEAF will be working with other organizations around the country to get everyone involved from a state level to a national level on the prevention, advocacy, and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The numbers of women that are victims of GENDER base violence are appalling and that calls for public engagement and making sure our government gets involved.

Every day 1 in 3 Women are Victims of Gender-Based Violence.


CEAF was created in 2009 in to bring a voice to the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and to create a community that is abuse free. These problems affect millions of people and many of them remain hidden.

In the last decade alone in Nigeria, there has been an increase in acid and knives attacks with no hope insight for justice and lack of transparency with our law enforcement agency. This foundation was created to stop another attack before it happens and to demonstrate that all lives matter irrespective of your gender.

According to the UN, 80% of Nigerians know a victim of either domestic violence or sexual assault, or both, yet four out of five Nigerians have not discussed this problem with their friends, and three out of four parents have never discussed it with their children. CEAF aims to change that, and our data tells us that increased conversation is the key to change .

Our main objectives as of now are:

  • To improves the lives of individuals that experience gender base violence and reduce the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • To encourage the younger generation to develop healthy and respectful relationships to women and men.
  • To promote positive media on gender representations of both women and men.
  • To get our Government involved by enforcing laws that are against domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our goals are:

  • To be available to the general public that want to engage in the conversation around these issues and help end domestic violence and sexual assault
  • To be everywhere – on websites, media, t-shirts, billboards, post cards and other public spaces as a sign of the fight against domestic violence or sexual assault whether it is being spoken about or not
  • To help end the stigma, shame and silence of domestic violence and sexual assault and to assist in increasing funds in order to prevent further abuses
  • To directly challenge the mindset and behaviors that lead to this violence


  • Educate every household about abuse, partnering with other NGOs to spread our campaigns
  • Peaceful protest across the country
  • To enforce laws that protects victims
  • Create a more conducive Environment for all and support institutions that promote gender equality
  • Eradicate violence against women walk
  • Town hall meetings
  • Women center/shelters for victims
  • Self-defense training and equipment i.e teasers and pepper spray
  • Vocational training for victims post abuse/divorce to empower them
  • Viewing women as knowledge bearers rather than as victims
  • Educating communities about the rights of a woman
  • Making abuse, rape, gender discrimination as a serious felony
  • Public lectures
  • School tours to educate young teenagers about gender base violence
  • Digital campaign
  • Public speakers
  • Getting law enforcement involved
  • Exposing cultural laws that post danger to women lives
  • Available helpline 24/7

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